Friday, 17 July 2015

Potsdam Conference (Germany)

Exactly 70 years ago on 17th July 1945 representatives of  the main Allies came together in the Cecilienhof Palace in Potsdam to consult about the way forward. This meeting became known as Potsdam Conference. 

Nine weeks earlier Nazi Germany agreed the unconditional surrender and the Allies took the governmental power in Germany. The planned themes for the conference were the borderlines in Europe, the war reparations, the administration of the occupied Germany and the Pacific War. The participants were Great Britain, the Soviet Union and the USA. On 2nd August the conference was over and the results were put down in the Potsdam Agreement. It included the denazification, demilitarisation, democratisation and the decentralisation of Germany, but also the geographical reorganisation, including the Oder-Neisse line as new German-Polish border, and the resettlement of the German population in East Europe. The Potsdam Conference marks the end of World War II in Europe. 

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